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A paraffinic oil adjuvant to reduce
the variability in performance of
crop protection products applied
pre-emergence of the crop

An emulsifiable concentrate formulation containing 82.6% w/w refined paraffinic petroleum oil


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For reliable and safe weed control

BackRow Max is a specialist activator adjuvant for residual herbicides to perform in suboptimal application conditions. Supported by comprehensive trials and proven in tough UK and European growing conditions, BackRow Max pre- and peri-emergence* limits weather constraints on herbicide performance and protects crop, making it a crucial partner for both herbicide and crop performance at the early weed control timing. 

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Reduces spray drift, improves deposition

BackRow Max creates the perfect size spray droplets for pre- and peri-emergence herbicides to work at their best. It reduces the number of fine spray droplets smaller than 100 microns which are the most susceptible to drift, and increases the number of droplets in the optimum size range for improved deposition and optimum spray coverage of the soil. BackRow Max increases the number of touchpoints with germinating weeds, ensuring fewer survivors.

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Improves moisture retention

BackRow Max retains moisture in the top 5cm of soil, improving the efficacy of residual herbicides in dry conditions. By “holding on” to soil moisture, a higher concentration of herbicide can be dissolved in the soil water and available for uptake into germinating weeds, rather than being bound to soil colloids. BackRow Max adds valuable performance in dry soils.

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Improves herbicide retention

BackRow Max helps retain herbicides in the top 5cm of the soil, creating a barrier to emerging weeds. This can be a life line for herbicides in wet soils that otherwise can be lost, especially in light soils. A longer presence and increased concentration of herbicide in the top 5cm of the soil results in a higher uptake of herbicide into the roots of germinating weeds and leads to more effective weed control in wet soils.

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Crop safety

BackRow Max improves safety by minimising herbicide movement beyond the weed germination zone to the crop seed and emerging shoots. 

Powering effective weed control


How to works

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Reduces spray drift

BackRow Max reduces spray drift significantly by reducing the number of droplets <100 microns which are prone to drift. It also improves deposition and coverage by improving spraying uniformity at the nozzle. This improvement in coverage maximises the number of weeds coming into contact with the herbicide at germination, leading to an increase in the number of weeds controlled.

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Retains herbicide and moisture
in top 5cm of soil

BackRow Max improves herbicide and moisture retention in the top 5cm of the soil. This improves herbicide performance in dry soils and improves crop safety. 


How to use BackRow Max

BackRow Max is an adjuvant designed to reduce the variability in performance of crop protection products applied pre-emergence of the crop.



Maximum concentration: 3.5% of the final spray solution



Half fill the spray tank with clean water and commence agitation.

Add the recommended quantity of BackRow Max.

Then add the recommended quantity of crop protection product and the remaining balance of water whilst maintaining agitation throughout.



BackRow Max should be applied at a rate of

400 ml per hectare

irrespective of water volume



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BrackRow Max Logo.png

 ™ BackRow Max is a trademark of Interagro (UK) Ltd