As a Director, Garry brings a lifetime of crop protection experience to the Agrisource business. He began his career in crop protection and fertilisers in 1964, employed by Henry H York Limited (then owned by Bayer, BASF and Hoechst).


Based in Auckland, he was Technical Sales Representative, responsible for looking after the Franklin and Waikato district vegetable and arable sectors. In 1967 Hoechst left the company but Bayer and BASF continued. By 1976 Garry was Northern Regional Sales Manager and in 1978 became National Sales Manager. In 1980 Henry H York split into BASF NZ and Bayer NZ. Garry was appointed Agricultural Country Manager for BASF NZ. By 1988 Garry had left BASF to create, with Rod Ketels, the provincial horticultural retail company Pukekohe Growers Supplies Ltd. Within two years they then set up Elliott Chemicals Ltd.


The focus of Elliott Chemicals was to successfully bring new chemistry to the horticultural industry. Elliott Chemicals developed numerous products for the horticultural market, partnering with a wide range of International crop protection companies including; FMC, Drexel, Chevron, AMVAC, UAP, Griffin and many others. The ethos was not to just put new crop protection products onto a crowded market. Elliott Chemicals was motivated to find solutions, not addressed by multi-nationals, that solved specific problems for New Zealand growers and farmers. In 2018 Garry was awarded with the Horticulture NZ Industry Service Award. The award recognised his career long commitment to bringing new chemistry to market and pioneering the understanding and use of herbicides in onion production.